Day 33, Don’t give up!

Hey Peeps,

This morning I felt like crap and that feeling carried right on through till the afternoon. Up until about 4pm, nothing I tried seemed to relieve me of this feeling. Nothing! I screamed, I cried and I meditated, which usually always helps! I felt like giving up on functioning and instead sleeping the rest of the day and evening away. The reason behind my feeling crap was mainly because I was surfing the crimson wave….big time! I’d also had the PMS from hell beforehand, and of course my mental health in general is always walking a fine line. Eventually I did find a solution though… I just kept reiterating to myself over and over again to not give up now, you’ve come so far, it’s just a bad hormonal day, not nervous breakdown part 2 and if you can just get through the rest of today, in the evening everything’s going to be much better. And you know what….my evening was better than better, it was great!


Around 5ish I started to get ready for a planed evening out with one of my good friends. I had a bath and washed my hair. That in itself upped my mood a few notches. I then got dressed, dried my hair then put on some make-up, I felt 50% better than I had an hour ago. I did a pretty minimal make-up look for me. I used a BB cream instead of foundation, I kept my brows strong, used lots of mascara just on my top lashes and finished my look off with today’s/this evenings challenge lipstick, Brigitte by Stila.


I walked to meet my friend and it was delightful, it was such a warm evening for late march. I felt a little sad that on such a nice day I had spent it feeling down but I quickly told myself if it’s nice tomorrow I will embrace it no matter how crappy I feel. I turned a negative emotion into a positive one instead. Good job me! Me and my friend had loads to catch up on whilst we ate spicy chicken, including telling me that today was her due date. She assured me though that she was pretty confident that she wouldn’t give birth in Nando’s, and guess what? She was right! We then went and watched Us at the cinema. I love a good horror movie and I’d seen this one advertised all over New York when I visited, I just couldn’t wait to watch it. Also I love the movie Get Out, which was the writer Jordan Peele’s first movie before Us. I was very exited to say the least and by the time me and my friend sat down to watch it in the cinema, I was feeling almost 100% better.


This evenings challenge lipstick brigitte needed reapplying a lot… it’s very moisturising. Stila calls it a colour balm lipstick, which is accurate. It’s a great colour and so comfortable to wear. It tastes of mint…which I can take or leave. I do like this lipstick quite a bit overall though. If I’ve remembered rightly I bought brigitte from TK Maxx, for under £10 but it retails on line at lookfantastic for £16.

My friend managed to not go in to labour this eve and dropped me home. I had the best time. I do love her very much. I took my make up off then got into bed. I blabbed about how weirdly great the movie was to the boyf for probably longer than he had hoped then I drifted off to sleep with the epically, amazing, orchestral version of “I got 5 on it” in my head.

I’d like to dedicate this post to all you girls out there who suffer with the period/mental health combo on a monthly basis. You are all warrior goddesses. Hang in there… I promise you it will pass. X

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